Patient Retention –build the app
that patients will love to use!
Participant retention is one of the biggest challenges for any study and more so if you plan to launch an Apple ResearchKit or ResearchStack based study. The app when built as an engaging tool for medical research, can lead to increased patient interest and retention. An app can give patients what they want most – information that is useful to them. This may include the study description, visit schedule, site information and other supporting materials and can keep patients motivated during the study. Juggling the demands of daily life with the requirements of the study can be hard for patients. Making it easier for them will ultimately make it better for researchers!
Using gaming/ badges is an option to keep younger, tech-savvy participants engaged. Ability to make notes on study visits can serve as a handy reference guide. In-app incentive coupons for free health checks or screenings that can be redeemed at desired stages of the study, chat facility with online support groups , app metrics for making informed decisions - all this can have a huge impact on patient retention. Researchers can also analyze app download and usage rates to take any corrective measures to halt attrition!
Use gaming/ badges as a way to keep increasingly tech-savvy participants engaged throughout the study
Build communities of patients around studies to garner feedback, provide direct researcher interaction and share insights from data collected
App usage metrics for making informed decisions - analyze app usage data to take any corrective measures to halt attrition in time before it significantly affects the study
Study Site Visit and medication reminders and alerts with native calendar integration
Notifications on study information and updates with multi language support
How Stanford got 10000
participants for their research
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