Patient Data Collection
Smartphones, apps and wearables in clinical trails and medical research allow for continuous and consistent monitoring of patients and helps improve patient-reported outcomes. The existing capabilities and their immense potential can greatly enhance patient engagement and involvement in their own care.
Mobile apps, wearables and mobile surveys can help researchers in gathering data through real time monitoring of vital signs and assessing attributes like quality of life which earlier was relegated to cumbersome questionnaires during office visits. Even for patients, the value addition is immense from reminders and improved communication/engagement to online support communities.
Collected On-Site
Flexibility for Investigators in data collection during
patient site visits
Use of iPhone sensors to collect newer forms of data in a
controlled environment
Supplements to CRFs
Data collected from patients directly – as they answer
surveys and questionnaires
Data collected passively and actively through user actions
using iPhone sensors
Data from HealthKit, wearable devices and device
capabilities such as geo-location tracking
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