Ionic ResearchKit
Research Apps for both iOS and Android Devices Made Easy - Ionic ResearchKit Platform
The medical and clinical research framework to build research apps that work in both iOS & Android devices! Now you can reach to your research participants irrespective of the device they carry through your hybrid research app!
The Ionic ResearchKit platform is an open source plugin equivalent of Apple's ResearchKit Framework built on Ionic. This enables developers to create cross-platform hybrid native apps for medical research or for other research projects.
Ionic platform is an HTML5 + AngularJs based hybrid app development platform which means app developed using this platform can be installed and used for research in both iOS and Android mobile devices.
The platform mainly consists of following modules
This module is used for building custom survey questionnaires in digital format
The most important part of any research is of consent. Using this module the researchers can build informational videos e- consent forms etc.
(Finger Tapping & audio): This module can be used to track finger tapping movements, audio recording and reporting.
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