Apple ResearchKit
ResearchKit is an open source software framework that provides core functionality for developers to build mobile apps to use for medical research
Apple ResearchKit Modules
ResearchKit provides three modules that can be customized and built upon by the app developers. These modules provide base functionality for items commonly needed in medical research such as surveys, participant consent and simple active tasks that users perform such as walking, sitting and talking. The data generated by the surveys and active tasks is then made available to the researchers to analyze.
Informed Consent
Used to visually present study details, walk the patient through the consent document using customizable templates, obtain e-signature, generate and email PDF
Used to set up surveys by utilizing the pre-built user interfaceoptions to add questions for participant responses
Active Tasks
Used to prompt participants to perform certain tasks that will generate data using the iPhone’s sensors.
The ResearchKit Value Add
With ResearchKit, researchers can easily create apps that inform and engage participants and leverage iPhone features to gather study data at a scale never possible before
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